Introducing SunRaids V3.0

Join one of the most innovative factions experiences that you will find With streamlined features, dedicated hosting and refined gameplay.

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Our services are hosted on a dedicated platform, which means we are able to offer a completely lag-free factions experience regardless of how many players are online, or the amount of stress that the server is taking.


Offering real-life rewards to the top faction each time we reset of up to $500, our community is one of the most competitive, sportsman-like groups that you will find on a modern-day factions server experience


When playing our server, you should not have to worry about glitches, lag or any type of bug. Our developers and administrators take great pride in squashing any potential issues so that you can play without worry or problems.


Our staff team works tirelessly and remain actively trying to provide you with a cheat-free, fair enviroment in which all players have a chance to thrive and become the biggest faction.


We try our best to develop the most fun and unique features that you would hardly see on other factions services, such as custom gamemodes, enchants and more.


Our community has developed, expanded and remained amazing over the time in which the server has been up. We have a devote team of media experts, such as yotuubers, to a dedicated staff team, to you, the player.